About Bread of Life

In 1994 the founders of the Bread of Life grieved for the many people in our community going without food. As a result, the mission started and continues from that compassion for the hungry. 


The Bread of Life Mission, is a Christian distribution mission dedicated to serving people of Camp Verde and surrounding communities. We are committed to serve both the spiritual and physical needs of anyone in need.  There is NEVER a cost to the individuals we serve. 

We serve an average of 200 people weekly, over 400 on holidays, and provide emergency food assistance throughout the year. 

Local churches and businesses cook and serve the hot meal every Tuesday evening at the Camp Verde Community Center.  Food is collected and distributed by Bread of Life.

In addition to a weekly hot meal, we distribute food boxes to those needing food assistance in the growing towns of Camp Verde, Lake Montezuma, Rimrock, Cornville, McGuireville, and Verde Lakes Arizona.

Meet Our Staff

President / CEO

Jeremy Embry

Operations Manager

Tom Meredith


Mike Conerly - Chairman

Jonnie Maddox - Secretary/Treasurer

Bill Stafford

Tina Beaman