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Katie’s Story


Hi, my name is Katie. My husband and me was moving to California to get a job because he’d been looking for a job for a long time at home but couldn’t find one. We was headed for California to find him some work.

When we got here and stopped at Burger King for some food he just took off. I never seen him again.

Anyway, there I was with my two little boys and no car. I didn’t know

nobody and I didn’t have no money. I didn’t know what

I was gonna do. Bread of Life saved me and my kids.

They got me food and meals and sent me to places that

could help.

Today I got my GED and a job and a good place to live.

My kids are in school and making friends. Everything’s

not all good and all that, but, we’re warm and dry and

got food and money for clothes and stuff.

Thank you Bread of Life.

The Presidents Corner

It’s common around this time of year to ask ourselves what we’re doing and is what we’re doing worthwhile. There’s a great quote I recently came across that helps answer the

question, or, at least provide a starting point to put that question into perspective --

to help evaluate why we do what we do: “Everything changes, something transformational occurs, when we do what we do for Jesus”. For me, that answers the question of why I gain so much satisfaction working with Bread of Life and serving those we serve.

This year marks the 25th year since Randi and Wally Clark started Bread of Life in 1994. That first meal hosted 15 persons. Today we serve over 100 meals each week and distribute grocery boxes to at least that many facing uncertainty about how they’re going to provide nutritious meals for their families in the days ahead.

Last year alone we received and distributed over half a million pounds of food to residents of Camp Verde – some of whom you may even know. Since our beginning we’ve hosted more than 1200 Tuesday dinners and provided more than 120,000 hot meals to our neighbors in need. If you run the numbers, collectively around 84,000 volunteers have contributed more than 25,000 man-hours in service to our community. And those hard statistics don’t convey the social and spiritual impact our volunteers have on the lives of so many.

So, as I contemplate the past I’m thankful for those with the foresight to launch Bread of Life but more so, I am excited for what the future holds for Bread of Life. However, that’s for another edition.

Randy Spoo, President

Our new-to-us 2012 HYSTER model N35ZRS forklift

is a mechanical wonder. Compared to the old thing

we used to have it’s Cadillac. The old lift would frequently

malfunction and was a noisy clunky beast. Our new one

is both functionally and aesthetically superior in all ways.

Working with it is more enjoyable and productive. The

range of functions and maneuverability are far greater and

operation is vastly simplified. Its lift range is increased over

the old by half a ton, and with side to side movement much

greater versatility is achievable. One of the nicest gains is the

battery life being half again as much as the old unit. With a

battery charge level indicator, I know exactly when ESTHER

needs a recharge; yes, I’ve named “her” ESTHER after the

biblical queen who saved the Israelites from destruction. All

in all this a great blessing for the mission that will serve the

work of the mission for many years to come, Lord willing.

Our volunteers are essential to our vision for a hunger-freecommunity. Your time and dedication is greatly appreciated not only by Bread of Life Mission but the entire community.

Thank you. All of you!

Thank You, Ace Hardware

& Walmart

Bread of Life Food Bank, founded in 1994, has occupied the same office for years without any updating. Needless to say, things around there were beginning to look a little ragged around the edges.

Christian and Camp Verde Ace Hardware stepped up to the plate with a donation of paint and supplies to help spiff up our meeting room. Thank you Christian and the entire Camp Verde Ace Hardware crew for your help.

On behalf of Bread of Life, I would also like to thank

Cynthia Kriter and WalMart for their assistance in

providing turkeys for our annual Thanksgiving meal.

Randy Spoo, President

Phone: 928-567-6931

Emergency: 928-300-2372



Mailing Address: Bread of Life Missions, Inc - PO Box 2991 - Camp Verde, AZ 86322