The Lifeline Summer 2019

Then Jesus declares, “I am the bread of Life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.”

— John 6:35

Laura's Story

Many years ago I met my husband when both had custody of our kids (3 in total) and wanted to give them a better lifestyle so we moved to Camp Verde from the Phoenix area. With our exes harassing us & the kids very young we decided 1 of us would work & the other would stay home. I worked as a bookkeeper & found a good paying job but it quickly turned into the “job from hell”. I was able to find a less stressful job right here in Camp Verde but it paid just over minimum wage. Taking care of a family of 5 would be tough but we figured we could survive. After all our move to Camp Verde was about a lifestyle change for all of us.

I would see the sign for Bread of Life dinners on Main Street. We decided go one night it would be dinner out & wouldn’t cost us anything. We didn’t expect what we got — free dinner, our kids exposed to religion/community service & a food box. We soon found ourselves going every week & the food box really helped.

We didn’t want to take the food box from Bread of Life without giving back what we could. We didn’t have any extra money or time with out kids, so we decided to help the elderly & disabled people to their car with their food boxes. We help watch over some neighbors houses when they were gone & were given access to their fruit & nut trees. So when they were in season we would bring apples, pecans & walnuts to share. This small gesture made us feel like we weren’t taking without giving back.

Thank you Bread of Life for being there when we needed you & for continuing to serve the less fortunate of Camp Verde.

Welcome, summer. Even though it’s getting plenty hot, it sure beats the cold winter months — seems like this was the weirdest spring weather in years. I’m sure that by August I’ll be wishing for some of th

at weirdness.

There’s a lot going on here at Bread of Life; some great changes on the horizon. First of all, we’re changing up how the Tuesday night dinners are served. One of the things the board has been talking about for several months is how to connect more meaningfully with our dinner guests. Mike from Parkside undertook the task of introducing a plan called “Friendship Evangelism” which will prepare volunteers in service to get to know diners and share their stories in meaningful ways. We’ll be launching this new approach in late September or early October.

The other big change-up is in how we’re sharing food with our neighbors. Twenty-five years ago, when Bread of Life was launched, the prevailing model was distribution of food boxes filled with anything at hand. “Shoppers” got what someone else thought they needed without regard to possible allergies, likes or dislikes, or family preferences — not even whether the food items were cleaned and gleaned like you’d find when you went to the grocery store. This worked just fine for a long time.

Food Sharing Today: Now, though, the way of sharing food is to provide a genuine shopping experience much like going to the grocery store. To provide the best possible event for shoppers, we’ve entered into a collaborative arrangement with Manzanita Outreach to sort and clean-and-glean the groceries we’ll make available on Friday afternoons and evenings beginning in November.

Last but certainly not least are the sizable awards from both Yavapai County and Sedona Community Foundations to fund hiring an Executive Director/ General Manager — a position we hope to fill in the next couple of months. This is going to be a real turning point for Bread of Life because we’ll be able to increase and improve our efforts to reach out to our community in vibrant new ways. I’ll keep you posted as this undertaking develops.

Well, that’s it for now. Blessings to you all.

Randy Spoo

Facts about Camp Verde

29.5% live below the AZ poverty level of just below $26,000/year.

Over 11% of those live at less than 50% of that figure.

Almost 60% of those living below the poverty level are families with kids.

Around 31% have wage earners working

Mailing Address: Bread of Life Missions, Inc PO Box 2991 Camp Verde, AZ 86322

Phone: 928-567-6931

Emergency: 928-300-2372



Mailing Address: Bread of Life Missions, Inc PO Box 2991 Camp Verde, AZ 86322