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Who we are

In 1994 the founders of Bread of Life grieved for the many people in our community going without food. As a result, the mission started and continues from that compassion for the hungry.

The Bread of Life Mission is a Christian distribution mission dedicated to serving the people of Camp Verde, Rimrock, and the surrounding communities. We are committed to serve both the spiritual and physical needs of anyone in need. There is NEVER a cost to the individuals that we serve.

Our motto is "Dignity, choice, and purpose." We believe that all of our neighbors should be treated with dignity. We accomplish that by seeing the whole person, not just their need. We offer spiritual support in addition to food support. We believe in the power of choice-- our food pantry model is more of a grocery shopping experience. Our neighbors get to choose their own food! We also believe in helping folks find thier God-given purpose. We offer opportunities for workforce development, court ordered community service, school community service hours, and so much more!

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Meet our Team


Tom Meredith

Operations Manager


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